Women empowerment

Our aim is the empowerment of women in the area of productive social entrepreneurship. We want to provide the opportunity to experience economic independence and therefore increase self-esteem and confidence. We coach and support our women throughout the process of establishing their productive initiative with a social focus in their community. We offer them customized and contextualized learning tools and a safe “playground” to experiment and try their ideas.

Gathering in the backyard

Why Women?

Women are the heart of the family and the motor of sustainable development. Once they become involved in their community as independent social entrepreneurs, they have the power to inspire others and multiply change throughout themselves, their children and the people that surround them.

Woman power

What do we do and how?

Training and coaching Our women participate in weekly training workshops to develop and implement social entrepreneurship. While they improve their intellectual knowledge and practical skills, they become aware of the importance of mutual support. Business administration, budgeting and planning, client orientation and the integration in groups are the topics we focus on.

Micro-financing and saving To support the women’s entrepreneurial spirit, we offer them micro-credits to invest in their own business. The development of their productive initiatives is carefully monitored throughout the process. While the businesses become self-sustainable and apply a social focus, the women learn to save for the future.


What have we accomplished?

· 100% repayment rate of microcredits since 2012

· Over 400 successful entrepreneurs

· Sustainable improvement of living conditions

· Higher active involvement in community matters

Cheering up at the workshop