Integral health and well being

This is our most recent program. We create conscience and help our participants realize that they are protagonists of their own well being. Children, adolescents and women have an impact on their own quality of life and others’. Health is not merely the absence of illness, but manifests itself through their interactions with others, through their mentality, their spiritual and physical condition.

Why health?

In the absence of a functioning public health system, prevention and conscious lifestyle become the most powerful tools to improve the overall health situation of remote communities. We want to educate and create conscience about integral health, creating people’s own balance of mind, body, soul and surroundings.


What do we do?

We combine six tools to improve our members’ health conscience: Monthly workshops on integral health, regular sports activities and excursions, medical days focusing on prevention, forums/round-tables with health experts, personal or family projects to change habits, and eventually the mentoring of new members by advanced women and kids..


What have we accomplished?

· Over 150 negative VIH tests

· Over 100 regular gynecological checks and treatment of common deceases

· High involvement of participants in all integral health activities

· Participant have significantly improved their health and lifestyle habits

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