Child and youth empowerment

Our participants are children of the women who are active in the women’s empowerment program. We promote an alternative approach of education that focuses essentially on the necessities and potential of the kids and adolescents. Within our program, they discover and realize who they are, what they want, what they can do, what opportunities exist and how to make their own decisions.

One of our aims is to create a “playground”, where they can develop themselves and implement their own initiatives in the community.

Why children?

Children are our future! In Guatemala, almost 60 percent of the population is younger than 19. If they learn to become protagonists of their own life-long development process, they will be able to empower themselves to change agents in their community.

Children in window

What do we do?

We support our children with scholarships and creative learning programs. The older participants learn how to become social entrepreneurs within their community. As part of the activities, we make art, music, sports and monitor their integral learning process.

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What have we accomplished?

· Acceptance and recognition of our alternative holistic learning approach within the community

· Over 300 scholarships on all educational levels

· Improvement of overall participants’ scholar performance

· Improvement of job opportunities for graduates

Children at lake side