Sustainable value is not defined through monetary value in the first place. Vision Guatemala is not dedicated to promote the idea of «giving and taking». We create impact through the intercultural exchange of knowledge, skills and experience. It is important to have an open spirit of sharing what you know with others if you want to become part of this exchange.

Vision members are empowered to create their own life opportunities. Therefore, we constantly develop and improve easy-to-apply learning tools. You are an expert in your field. If you are willing to share what you know and have experienced throughout your lifelong journey, while learning some very insightful lessons yourself, you are in the right place.

Volunteering - What to expect

You are sharing your expertise and knowledge without looking fo monetary compensation. Depending on your skills and interests, you can either work in one of our Programs; Women empowerment, Child and youth empowerment, Integral health and well being or support the administration and back office.

In order to ensure a sustainable impact of your work, you agree to a minimum commitment of three months.

Vision Guatemala offers accomodation and catering to long term volunteers. To what extend your costs will be covered depends on your exchange agreement and will be arranged individually concerning your needs and possibilities.

After completing your mission in Guatemala, you are invited to continue your commitment with the organization, supporting the Vision Family through fundraising or publicity activities in your home country. Former volunteers often are a valuable reference for new potential candidates to share their experience.

How to become a volunteer

If you want to become a member of the Vision family, it is important to get prepared well ahead. You are at least 25 years old, speak fluent Spanish and ready to commit for at least three months to stay on board. It is helpful to bring some experience with international development cooperation projects, but you are welcome to have your first one with us.

What motivates you? Are your ideas and visions realistic? Will you adapt well to an unfamiliar cultural context? These and other cuestions are answered previously to prepare you for the application process.

Follow these steps to complete your mission as a volunteer:

  1. Sign up to the volunteer email list (form below)
  2. You recieve details about our open volunteer vacancies and an application form. Email us the complete form and your CV
  3. Personal or skype interview with the local coordinator
  4. Provisional exchange agreement
  5. Preparation for your trip and stay in Guatemala
  6. Introduction on the spot (1 to 3 days)
  7. Definite exchange agreement
  8. Complete your volunteer assignment in Guatemala
  9. Handing over of documentation and results

Up to the definite exchange agreement you are responsible for all expenses, including travel costs and local transport. Your arrival to San Juan La Laguna, Sololá, Guatemala is your own responsibility. We are happy to advise and support you for an optimal preparation and coordination of your trip.

Possible areas of assignments

  • Promotion and set up of the new Vision entrepreuneur womens‘ network
  • Development and sistematization of the Vision learning and teaching methodology
  • English Teaching (children and or local staff)
  • Literacy training for women, computer, math and English training for women entrepreuners
  • IT and technology
  • Management / Public Relations / Communication
  • Finance/ Controlling/ Administration
  • Back Office


Raphael Zepeda, Guatemala 2015

My friend Josué told me of his voluntary work at an organization called Vision Guatemala in San Juan La Laguna and asked me, if I would like to help him give a creative workshop about photography and audio-visual documentation. The next week we started the workshop with the goal to produce two short movies, one about the woman and one about the children and youth program.

My group covered the woman program and we decided to tell the story of Iris. We started to develop the idea and during the process learned a lot from our experiences. During the time of the workshop we had exercises covering “contents”, “movement” and “perspective” and made some very short movies about the subject of “story telling”. The participants could learn from watching the result of their own exercise and by analysing their own work, which they did to perfection and with a lot of passion.

Personally, thanks to the great group of people at Vision Guatemala I learned lesions for life and had a lot of inspiring moments. The biggest satisfaction is due to the fact, that I could pass on the passion I have for making movies to one of the young men I worked with. Thank you very much for this opportunity.

Rafa with nice shirt


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