Local Core Team


Raphael Zepeda, Guatemala 2015

My friend Josué told me of his voluntary work at an organisation called Vision Guatemala in San Juan La Laguna and asked me, if I would like to help him give a creative workshop about photography and audio-visual documentation. The next week we started the workshop with the goal to produce two short movies, one about the woman and one about the children and youth program.

My group covered the woman program and we decided to tell the story of Iris. We started to develop the idea and during the process learned a lot from our experiences. During the time of the workshop we had exercises covering “contents”, “movement” and “perspective” and made some very short movies about the subject of “story telling”. The participants could learn from watching the result of their own exercise and by analysing their own work, which they did to perfection and with a lot of passion.

Personally, thanks to the great group of people at Vision Guatemala I learned lesions for life and had a lot of inspiring moments. The biggest satisfaction is due to the fact, that I could pass on the passion I have for making movies to one of the young men I worked with. Thank you very much for this opportunity.